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AMIGA Game Coding, Lets Review "Maria Renard"

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6196
03 Mar 2023 10:50

"Maria Renards Revenge" is very cool new Amiga game.

Maria, has some Vampire graphics.
And you play girl fighting against dark and evil monsters.
The game does some interesting design tricks.
The title uses 6 planes = 64color
The game itself uses 5 Planes = 32color.
And it also uses 64bit wide sprites.
Is uses the sprites to create 2 layers of dungeon background.
This gives the game a 3 layer parallax scrolling.
This looks cool and is very rarely done.
Using sprite to create playfields is sometimes used on Amiga.
Often games use the Copper to multiplex the sprites.
This does not need the Copper for this as it the 64 pixel wide sprites give it enough already to create the layers.
I think its a very cool game and show how powerful the scorpion engine is! Well done!

Danilo Drago

Posts 43
03 Mar 2023 13:16

Maria Reinard is not a masterpiece but a good platform/action game.
  Graphics are quite good, but far from what Amiga 500 showed in the ninetees thanks to great developers like Stavros Fasoulas, Fernando Velez and the Terramarque programmers.

Saladriel Amrael

Posts 166
05 Mar 2023 09:40

Well, Terramarque (now Housemarque) was capable of squeezing Amiga's chips to the last bit.
Too bad the gameplay of Elf Mania was not that good...

Maria Reinard seems to be a nice project indeed technically speaking.
Thanx Gunnar for the little technical note about it's engine!

Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 21
05 Mar 2023 12:10

As a Castlevania fan, i really enjoyed this game :)

posts 4