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Bullet Hell for V4 Axels and V4SA

Alex Nihirash

Posts 4
15 Jul 2022 16:59

  I'm in progress of development of bullet hell game for V4.
  It's game in Touhou project world, I'll release game with sources - so everyone will have possibilities to make your own game based on it.
  For writing posts about development I'm using patreon(without hidden posts - you can just read them freely, or support me, as you wish): EXTERNAL LINK 
  I'm making game in 68K assembly, it shows more than 200 projectiles without frame drop.
  Also, on patreon will be articles about development game with some approaches described.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6006
15 Jul 2022 19:01

Very Nice game!
I have never seen so many bullets on Amiga!

posts 2