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Nightlong: RTG Game Broken Since GOLD2.15 ?

Akiko 080

Posts 4
06 Apr 2022 06:50

I'm running Coffin R59 on my V1200 V2 which has the excellent Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy game pre-installed, I recently updated to GOLD2.15,  but now during the first scene of the game, when entering the first door into the building it causes the game to freeze.

I thought at first the data on my CF card must be corrupt, but after updating my second V1200 card to GOLD2.15 the exact same freeze occuss.

Is this a known issue or something weird with my setups, is there any workaround? 

Jeremy Buza

Posts 32
27 Apr 2022 18:07

A600 with a Vampire 2 600 card on 2.15, using CoffinOS 58 here, can confirm that this is also breaking at exactly the same place on my system.

Master APEX

Posts 44
30 Apr 2022 21:52

Confirmed :(

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 372
01 May 2022 19:28

Can you go back to GOLD2.13 and confirm it does work again with it ?

Master APEX

Posts 44
02 May 2022 08:37

Renaud Schweingruber wrote:

Can you go back to GOLD2.13 and confirm it does work again with it ?

I can confirm that it was working perfect with 2.12 x12 on my V500.
Does 2.13 make such a big difference?

Michael AMike

Posts 152
03 May 2022 08:06

Same here - tested with V1200 2.15 - the game freezes when you try to open the door in the first screen, or go to the car.

The game works on the Icedrake with the last beta core.

Maurizio Tirone

Posts 54
04 May 2022 20:44

I also confirm
System lock at first door ...
Played and finished with the previous core.

Jeremy Buza

Posts 32
07 Oct 2022 22:20

Updated to Coffin R60, with Core 2.16, and it still locks up

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