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Wipeout Source Code Released ...

Nick Fellows

Posts 176
27 Mar 2022 19:07

Could be a chance for the vampire to prove its metal against the native PPC version!

Danilo Drago

Posts 43
28 Mar 2022 06:42

WoW, it's a great new !

I played it a lot on my A1200 PowerPC.

Richard Statham

Posts 49
28 Mar 2022 20:49

Hope they use the new 3D features in a port or were be stuck with 320 x 240 res again

Rob M

Posts 60
30 Mar 2022 17:47

A comparison would require someone to port the game to Amiga PPC as well.

Nick Fellows

Posts 176
31 Mar 2022 16:53

there is already a ppc port


Rob M

Posts 60
31 Mar 2022 18:17

That's Wipeout 2097.  The source code is for the original game.

Artur Jarosik
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 94
04 Apr 2022 15:57

I've compiled those sources on Windows so Amiga port is doable.
Problem is lack of free time as usual and other project in queue OpenLara, Red Alert.

Nick Fellows

Posts 176
05 Apr 2022 15:21


posts 8