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Gngeo Emulatorpage  1 2 

Danilo Drago

Posts 8
30 Dec 2021 06:28

First open screenmode in Prefs and test all the resolution available with your Monitor.
  My Monitor doesn't accept 304 x 224 as well as other SAGA resolution, so I have to use an DIGITAL-VIDEO scaler to see the NeoGeo screen.

If the screen is compatibile then the problem is in the GnGeo which has not been tested on V1200. Sorry.

Havard Spring

Posts 6
30 Dec 2021 11:06

Thanks - yes screen mode works fine so must be the emulator. :(

Havard Spring

Posts 6
30 Dec 2021 23:58

Got this working by downloading the latest version from Arti's website rather than using the one on Coffin.  A bit slowly but playable and a very impressive feat.  Gives you an idea what Vampire/RTG games could be like!

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