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New Game - VergeWorld: Icarus

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

Posts 10
05 Mar 2020 21:07

Hi guys,

I just wanted to give you a heads up about our game in development since last year.

It is written in pure C so far and runs smoothly on A3000.
We are working on an assembler rewrite of the engine so expect the Vampire one to be on a completely different level once we get there ;)

BTW. You can acquire a demo version of the game as a free add-on to the RETROKOMP magazine:
But either way we are working hard to release a free digital download version that includes all the initial feedback we've received.

Let me know your thoughts guys!

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 100
05 Mar 2020 21:18

Outstading engine. Congratulations. And looking forward to the Vampire version.

Daniel Sevo

Posts 298
05 Mar 2020 21:47

Ahh, good old voxels. I miss that tech. Disappeared when GPUs came along.. Assembler optimizations sound nice, on Vamp or 060 you can probably "afford" some interpolations going on.
Good work, fellas.

Mr Niding

Posts 443
06 Mar 2020 06:37

I really like the music, and the gameconsept!
  It will be intresting to see what kind of increase in resolution you can reach with the Vampire :)
  Hopefully you will utilize this forum or the developer irc channel to get the info you need to utilize the Vampire to the max, since we got Vlad working hard with his engine and the core developers sharing knowledge directly ^^

I just noticed you are a AROS/Kalamatee supporter :) EXTERNAL LINK

Jakub H.

Posts 28
06 Mar 2020 12:24

Yes, it will be something! thanks to Arek's kindness we tested the game engine on V4 during the last SACP event. Looks very promising!

Vladimir Repcak

Posts 304
09 Mar 2020 08:43

Most impressive!

You managed to get away without the rotation :)

This makes me wanna dust off my voxel demo on Jag I did 3 months ago and vampirize it :)

Distractions, distractions :)

posts 6