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OpenDune 0.9.012 RTG

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1688
03 Feb 2020 16:19

hort: Amiga RTG port of OpenDUNE
Author: novacoder at yahoo.co.uk (NovaCoder)
Uploader: novacoder yahoo co uk (NovaCoder)
Type: game/strat
Version: 0.9.012
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.1.0
Distribution: Aminet
Kurz: Amiga RTG-Portierung von OpenDUNE
Date: 2020-01-28
Download: EXTERNAL LINK - View contents
Readme: EXTERNAL LINK  Downloads: 951

Amiga 68k port of OpenDUNE.

OpenDUNE is an open source re-creation of the popular game "Dune II",
originally made by Westwood Studios, and released by Virgin Entertainment.
It attempts to re-create the original game and apply modern technology to it
to allow it to be run natively on most operating systems.


1) An RTG Amiga with a fast 68040 processor
2) AHI installed (v4.18 recommended)
3) 3.1 ROMS (3.0 ROMS may cause it to run slowly)
4) A copy of the PC game data files


  * RTG SDL port
  * MIDI support
  * AHI Sound support
  * Fullscreen and window mode support
Configuration Options:

The tooltype 'CLOSE_WB' can be used to close the Workbench (3.1 ROMS
You must run OpenDUNE from the Workbench, running from the Shell is not
The AHI device used will be the one configured in your AHI Prefs (Unit 0).
The default game data install directory is 'Games:OpenDUNE/data'.
If you decide to use a different game data directory then you'll need to update
the 'opendune.ini' file to match.
You will need to install the CAMD library if you want to use an external MIDI
You need to enable your CAMD MIDI device using the 'opendune.ini' file.

Performance Considerations:

1) If you have a Blizzard/Apollo you should really be using BlizKick/RemApollo
to get most speed out of your Amiga.
2) Fast File System is actually not, use PFS3 instead.
3) Stick with v4.18 of AHI as the later versions without the 'FAST' modes are
4) Running in a window with an 8 bit screen mode will be very slow.
5) Increasing the screen zoom factor will slow down the game.


1) None

Version History:

0.9.001 - Initial release.
0.9.003 - Fixed audio frequency.
0.9.004 - Fixed MT-32 initialization.
0.9.006 - Removed broken HQ scalers.
0.9.010 - Fixed CLOSE_WB tooltype, minor performance increase.
0.9.011 - Fixed broken keyboard mapping (broken in the last release).
0.9.012 - Security questions disabled when running in ehanced mode.


EXTERNAL LINK (AHI Audio system)

Thanks and acknowledgements:

OpenDUNE team!

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4731
03 Feb 2020 17:20

where is the advantage over AMIGA Dune 2?

Jimmy Johansson

Posts 4
03 Feb 2020 17:59

I tried it, besides support for RTG there doesnt seem to have any advantage. No support for multiple units, or to create teams of units, as you can in the Dune Legacy code.

But it works ok.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1688
03 Feb 2020 19:21

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

  where is the advantage over AMIGA Dune 2?

  Waiting for OpenX Com etc. :)
  Is straight port with bugfixes, not a reboot
  RTG-AHI, MIDI, bugfixes, FLOSS, AtariTOS and FreeBSD version
  To MS DOS port
  Enhancement over Dune2
  When OpenDUNE is started in enhanced mode (default), a lot of bugs and
    problems which are in the original Dune2 version, are fixed.
  Below is the complete listing of all those bugs and problems, per category.
    Every entry describes the problem, where the solution is in all cases
    obvious by the way the problem is described and therefore the solution is
    not mentioned as such.
  - When building a Wall, the owner-bits are not cleared correctly, which in
      theory could mean a Wall build by you could show up as owned by Sadukar.
  - When building a structure completely on slabs, it still degrades. This seems
      in contrast with the idea of slabs.
  - When building a structure, only the fog is removed (with a radius of 2) from
      the first tile defined in the layout of the structure. This is mostly
      noticable with Palace and Oil Refinery, leaving parts of them in the fog.
  - Windtraps that have less than 50% hp still produce 50% of the power, even so
      the GUI tells you differently. Of course the GUI makes more sense in this
  - Repair cost calculation is unfair. Dune2 uses a 256 float-resolution,
      meaning that you get rounding errors very fast. In result, Palace costs
      nothing to repair, and a windtrap costs 2 credits instead of 3 credits per
      repair tick. In detail: ((2 * 256 / hitpoints) * credits + 128) / 256. The
      first part causes rounding errors.
  - If one structure gives a script error, all structures after it in the linked
      list are not handled. This doesn't really seem correct.
  - In Script function which finds the closest unit to target, it doesn't pick
      the closest unit within range, but the one with the highest index within
  - Too many tile colours are remapped with house colours, causing graphical
      issues with the IX building. It maps 0x90 .. 0xA0 instead of 0x90 .. 0x96.
  - When taking over a building (by having an infantry walk in it while the
      structure is on low hitpoints), your own units keep firing at it, and will
      most likely destroy it.
  - When you attack the structure of the AI, the idea is that they massively
      start to attack you (payback and stuff). To do this, Dune2 searches all
      Units with type 0 (Carry-alls), instead of type 0xFFFF (all units).
      WARNING: this glitch makes the game much easier in its original form.
  - A structure in production also counts towards your storable spice,
      producing power, and/or requiring power. It does not check if the structure
      is in fact placed on the map.
  - If a structure gets damaged during upgrading, pressing the "Upgrading" button
      silently starts the repair of the structure, and doesn't cancel upgrading.
  - Fog is removed around the top left corner instead of the center of a
  - The range of a turret was calculated from the top left corner instead of the
      center of the structure.
  - Fog was not removed from around captured structures.
  - Once a Unit enters a tile on which it starts to wobble, it will never stop
      wobbling, even if it enters a tile where it shouldn't wobble.
  - When a Unit enters a Structure, the last tile the Unit was on becomes
      selected rather than the entire Structure.
  - Deviated units always belong to Ordos, no matter who did the deviating.
  - Saboteurs tend to forget their goal, depending on terrain and game speed:
      to blow up on reaching their destination.
  - A mistake in reading the '+' causes repeat for reinforcements to be always
      false. In result reinforcement is only send once.
  - The structure '% hitpoints' is ignored. In result all structures always
      have 100% hitpoints.
  - When you have a refinery and lost all your harvesters, you get a new one even
      if you are currently building one in heavy vehicle factory.
  - Silo credit capping is done outside the main house loop, causing it to only
      update the house which owns the latest structure. This allows you to go
      over your silo capacity most of the time, and then losing it all of a
      sudden (when you start building a structure).
  - If a team gives a script error, all other teams are aborted.
  - The save routine allowed a NAME chunk up to 65536 bytes, where 255 bytes
      should be sufficient for any sane name (both excluding the \0).
  - The screen telling if you have the security question wrong/right is there
      for such short time, you never really see it.
  - When loading a game, the fadein is barely visible because it is against the
      screen how it will turn out, minus the selection of an active building.
  - After visiting Mentat (the help) window, auto-repeat of keys gets disabled.
  - Dune2 depends on slow CPUs to limit the rate mouse clicks are handled.
  - When a unit moves over the top of a mound, you never get abandoned vehicles
      nor hiding enemy units
  - When getting free Trikes on the map, you never got ownership of them. The
      parameter order is switched, where the type of the unit becomes the number
      of the house, and the house becomes the value of Trike (13). This also
      means that these vehicles read/write outside the house struct, which in
      terms results in random artifects.
  Small tweaks like
  debug options in opendune.ini
    dune2_enhanced : 0 = game acts like the original Dune II, including bugs
                      1(default) = enable OpenDUNE enhancements
  - debug_game : 0(default) = normal game behavior
                  1 = The player can control the AI
  - debug_scenario : 0(defaut) = normal game behavior
                      1 = The player can review the scenario. There is no fog.
                          The game is not running. The player can click on tiles.
  - debug_skip_dialogs : 0(default) = normal game behavior
                          1 = skip all intros and go immediately to house select.
  - debug_log_game : game record / replay
                      0(default) = off
                      1 = record game to 'dune.log'
                      2 = playback game stored in 'dune.log'
  - startport_unit_cap : 0 = Allows to overflow unit limit using starport (default)
                          1 = unit limit is enforced in starport
  display FPS (press F8 to toggle)
  full screen support (ALT-ENTER / F11)
  update scale2x
  Proof of concept Watcom C port (for DOS with DOS4GW extender)
  SDL/SDL2, easy portability

Nova Coder

Posts 26
04 Feb 2020 23:22

Quite a few people seem to think it's pointless port but I know which version I'd rather play on an RTG capable machine :)

It also plays, looks and sounds fantastic using the version that I've built for my PI :)


Martin White

Posts 85
04 Feb 2020 23:29

I have no opinion on Dune since I've never played it. Looks pretty cool though.

But I can't get over how tidy your desk is :D !!

Nova Coder

Posts 26
04 Feb 2020 23:40

Martin White wrote:

I have no opinion on Dune since I've never played it. Looks pretty cool though.
  But I can't get over how tidy your desk is :D !!

LoL thanks, I am a total clean freak!

Philippe Flype
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 280
05 Feb 2020 08:46

The first advantage is able to play in 256 colors, Dune 2 on Amiga was OCS. Here it's bringing the pc VGA assets. Personally i like this port a lot. Thx for the update novacoder.

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