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Workbench In 1920x1080 !

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4855
29 Jan 2016 22:06

Screenshot of Vampire 2 with
Apollo core plus SAGA running AMIGA OS 3.1 and Screen resolution 1920x1080 now ready to play MP3!

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
29 Jan 2016 22:51

The "REVOLUTION" is upon us "true believers" NOW!

In this HISTORIC MOMENT, I again, profusely thank EVERYBODY involved in the Apollo-Core project...

To think that there ARE others out there (besides me) that can recognize, in this crazy computing world out there, where "near miracles" are being done 3 and 4 times a year, and yet we cling to what seems an OBSOLETE ANTIQUE.... But we do it, because we KNOW that the alternatives, not only have FLAWS, they have inherent, unresolvable EPIC FAILS so much so that we MUST bring this back for our productive AND entertainment uses.

That these (and many other) individuals are willing to sacrifice time, energy and money*, without knowing if any rewards lie on the horizon other than undying gratitude by a small tiny group of people.... In this age of extreme greed, and concern for only one's self.... This IS A TREMENDOUS GIFT to us, the unwashed masses. ;-)

I, though, have a strong gut feeling that this has legs, and these legs WILL carry forward into something MUCH BIGGER than anyone participating could possibly currently imagine!

P.S. A bit too much, "over the top"? I don't care, I'm too thrilled and deliriously happy to care (or be embarrassed)!

* In addition to time spent on the APOLLO-CORE, THAT time could have been spent doing something else to MAKE money.

Gregthe Canuck

Posts 274
30 Jan 2016 00:51

Wow very nice indeed!

Thierry - lay off the caffeine man!! :)

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
30 Jan 2016 10:37

greg the canuck wrote:

Thierry - lay off the caffeine man!! :)

Hi Greg The Canuck,

Hehe. Okay.

It's just that this is SOOOO exciting.

I plan to get 2 Vampire 2 A1200 versions of the accelerator boards. Both fitted with the fastest FPGA that they plan to offer.

If this was a standalone board (ASIC or not) I would want 3 or possibly 4 for myself. And could get 1 or 2 other people to buy one (standalone model, as they don't have Amigas).

I would have one permanently used with my TV as a media player and the other 2/3 for productivity/entertainment.

Szyk Cech

Posts 191
30 Jan 2016 11:54

I am wonder: How much chip ram use 1920x1080x16bit mode?

Ian Parsons

Posts 217
30 Jan 2016 12:18

Just under 4MB (4050KB) of RAM for the display buffer of the Vampire video system.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
30 Jan 2016 13:34

The first video of screen dragging in 1080P will be very telling of the power (or lack there of) of the Vampire 2. Heavy load on the blitter (or is it the copper?), and will MP3 playback get choppy/stutter?

Any bets on which way the S-AGA performance will lean?

Ian Parsons

Posts 217
30 Jan 2016 13:48

Screen dragging using a copper has little CPU load. You are just changing a few values in a copper list.

Tango One

Posts 101
30 Jan 2016 13:54

Thierry Atheist wrote:

The "REVOLUTION" is upon us "true believers" NOW!

Maybe you have picked the wrong day stop sniffing clue! hehe yes I know maybe a bit over the top.

Yes I agree with you this is big in classic amiga world. Hope the team just continue working on this think someday we will have a stand alone fpga-amiga and THAT is my dream.

Ian Parsons

Posts 217
30 Jan 2016 14:07

I dream of cheap ASIC production technique (something like a 3D printer but making integrated circuits) spitting Apollo SoCs with gigahertz clock ratings to be plugged in Vampire motherboards.

Szyk Cech

Posts 191
30 Jan 2016 15:07

Ian Parsons wrote:

Just under 4MB (4050KB) of RAM for the display buffer of the Vampire video system.

Doesn't it use Amiga chip ram?

Ian Parsons

Posts 217
30 Jan 2016 15:38

No the chip RAM on the Amiga motherboard doesn't have the bandwidth to produce a full HD hi-color display.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
31 Jan 2016 14:20

Soooooo, have you tried any...

...demos in 1920*1080? Or do they revert back to the original, programmed for, screen resolutions? (Or do they run in the upper left part of the screen?)


...multiple screens, and flipping through or dragging between them?

...Mandelbrot/Julia sets generated?

...multiple screens with different resolutions between the 4 or more opened?

...loading a new 1920*1080 background image. Does it take long?

Don't be shy. If it is slow, I understand. I mean, heck, we're using 32 bit technology of ~110 to ~140 MHz capability. This is no deal-breaker in how many of these I want to buy.

P.S. What happened to the "Star Wars" game you were writing? (I think it was "Star Wars". You talked about it back on the NatAmi website.)

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
01 Feb 2016 17:23

Soooo, I can't believe that it's going to be me asking this great historic question;

WHO will be the VERY FIRST PERSON EVER to code a DEMO on a 1920*1080 genuine AMIGA video display???

And, dare they (spend the time to) code it in 32 AND 64 bit 68060 code for a direct speed comparison?

So, to spell it out in no uncertain terms, that would be AMIGA video display of about 80+ times of regular AGA + a 68060 near the range of 120-150 MHz and a 68882 of the same!!!

It's going to be CRAZY SUPER FANTASTIC 4 us to view!!!!

Ian Parsons

Posts 217
02 Feb 2016 07:54

Just in terms of memory bandwidth if it can handle 1920x1080x16bit that would be the same as 3840x2160x4bit (2 pixels per byte using a CLUT, 16 colours is plenty for most apps ;) ) assuming the same refresh rate.

I have no idea if the display output logic can go fast enough to do it. How crazy would that be though, an Ultra High Definition workbench running on an A600.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
13 Apr 2016 20:58

This will be very interesting.... Now that we either have the Apollo Core running 5 MIPs, or "8 points" (is that 8 percent?) faster!

Additionally, this increased speed, could it run Quake 3 (in at least 640*480, anyway. Not expecting 1920*1080.)?

On top of all of that, this weird "omen"....

I was on AmigaWorld.Net EXTERNAL LINK  Which led me to EXTERNAL LINK  Which in turn led to EXTERNAL LINK 
When a sight blasted me in the face on first viewing.... see if you can spot it before reading my comment... Tee hee hee.... WOW!

Mr-Z EdgeOfPanic

Posts 185
14 Apr 2016 05:38

This is so sweet to see Workbench in Full HD!
This is crying for a nice demo video how it performs :-)

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