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Steven Lyon

Posts 29
29 Mar 2018 18:01

OK another day another issue lol. I need to use X-Copy to check and format a whole bunch of disks. My copy will no longer work if I try to launch it from Workbench (R49). If I try to boot off the floppy I just get a screen full of corruption almost straight away. I know the disk is fine as I was using it last week (pre Vampire).

Is there a version known to work or some trick I can use to get it working please?

Steven Lyon

Posts 29
02 Apr 2018 09:42

Nobody else uses X-copy then?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 501
02 Apr 2018 16:17

X copy pro (09/1992) works in my v600 with core 2.8 (i tried from floppy)


Steven Lyon

Posts 29
02 Apr 2018 21:59

Thanks Stefano, downloaded that version and it works perfectly. Don't know why my version barfs but doesn't really matter now as I'm back in business. :)

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