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Running Games and Apps.

WHDLoad Frontends

Alex Cleak

Posts 20
09 Nov 2017 18:58

Anyone got a good suggestion for a WHDLoad front end program? I have tried XBench and Tinylauncher but both seem to have issues on my Vampire.

XBench is unstable as hell and crashes randomly. Tinylauncher seems to overwrite random chunks of address space and messes up various things in the ROM space.

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 134
09 Nov 2017 19:16

Do you tried iGame ? works fine for me and is included in Apollo OS.

Alex Cleak

Posts 20
09 Nov 2017 19:28

Thanks :)
Iíll give that a shot. I havenít looked at ApolloOS yet, Iím just using 3.9 at the moment

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