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Tim Trepanier

Posts 106
19 May 2020 03:13

I used the test-button on prefs/screenmode and Picasso96mode programs.

All P96 screen modes with a vertical resolution of 640 don't work. I get a "No Signal" message.
Screen modes with a vertical resolution of 1366 also don't work. I get an error message that the monitor can't sync to the signal.

I see a lot of settings in the Picasso96mode program. What should i try changing to get it to work?

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 558
19 May 2020 05:10

Use Universal ModeLine Calculator (umc) to get the correct initial screenmode values and change them with Picasso96Mode tool until all your modes all visible. Remove or disable all rest modes which you don't need or want.


It's also worth trying a different monitor or television.

Henrich Raduska

Posts 29
19 May 2020 08:22

Many monitors don't like the 50Hz video modes. Just adjust pixel clock higher to reach framerate between 59-63Hz. "No Signal" message means wrong framerate of input signal.

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