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FPGA As a Flash Drive

Michal Pietal

Posts 125
03 Jul 2019 20:21


I have a brief question for the techies (I am not).

Just came up with this today.

Can one implement FPGA to work as a flash drive?  Theoretically as I assume such device might be
1. Slower
2. More expensive
3. Etc.

Thank you for the brief answer in advance!!

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
03 Jul 2019 23:52

Not really what FPGAs are for... They are to replace / provide re-writeable logic circuitry chips, not memory or storage.  They're not made for that many erase/write cycles and are much slower to write the circuits to than standard NAND flash memory.

And honestly, why would you want to??? Flash is CRAZY cheap now, FPGAs are orders of magnitude more expensive per MB...

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