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Performance and Benchmark Results!

P96 Speed of Apollo and SAGA On Vampire/A600

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4886
31 Dec 2015 19:08

Amiga 600 with Vampire 2
  Apollo CPU and SAGA chipset.
P96 Speed results on 640x480

P96 Speed results on 800x600

I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 650
01 Jan 2016 13:20

SAGA will be available in nearterm too?
  Another proposal for demonstrations. On this site are a lot of games including demanding 3D games:
another idea... Cow3D (Stormmesa)

Wawa T

Posts 695
01 Jan 2016 15:40

cow3d/stormmesa would require warp3d. i doubt 3d engine is implememnted or on a "soon to do" list.also it would require w3d driver. as this system is proprietary by the company or developers behind os4 i doubt it has any outlook.
one could use wazp3d, which would not be air as this will be purely a unbearably slow software solution.
an actual possibility would be to implement hardware acceleration necessary for warp3d functions as reverse engineered with wazp3d and give wazp3d an appropriate backend to call these functions, in similar manner, as they are currently wrapped on arosx86.

the question is if this makes sense and what propirity it is. personally id wait to hand it over to some motivated contributor. iiiit isnt a critical feature for now, imho.

Wawa T

Posts 695
01 Jan 2016 15:49

not bad results. on average two times faster than cv64 as it seems, except for rectfillpattern, some functions significantly faster. still, given the absence of zorro bus bottleneck, there still should be some room for improvements i guess.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
03 Jan 2016 11:32

Is the current maximum resolution of the Apollo Core;
800*600 or 1280*1024 or 1920*1080?
Are other resolutions made possible by the graphics chips, a driver, or a combination of both? For example, max resolution is, 1280*1024, then 1024*768 is also possible by just simply setting 2 variables?

Daniel Sevo

Posts 299
05 Jan 2016 18:44

Gunnar, when you talk about SAGA, is it the old Natami specs we can relate to?

Or is it a new name for a different Super AGA with P96 etc?

Michal Warzecha

Posts 209
05 Jan 2016 19:38

P96 is a different thing. P96 driver is driver for RTG mode.
RTG is not part of SAGA, it's completly different, external graphic mode.
SAGA is improved AGA, so, using SAGA you should have possibility to run old amiga stuff compatible with OCS/ECS/AGA and do much more. Backward compatibility with much better quality and many improvements.
I think it's too early to talk what can be done on SAGA chipset. Let done current Apollo/Vampire project, then We can try to force BigGun and team to start thinking about SAGA

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4886
05 Jan 2016 20:20

Michal Warzecha wrote:

P96 is a different thing. P96 driver is driver for RTG mode.
  RTG is not part of SAGA, it's completly different, external graphic mode.

Not correct, but let me correct this.

In my humble opinion, the main disadvantage of PC GFX Chip in an amiga was that they were not integrated into the amiga system.
This means an RTG AMIGA card had nice chunky modes but the display could not be mixed with AMiga modes, and the Copper could not control the chunky modes etc.

Now SAGA fixes this.
On SAGA the idea is to have both nicely integrated.
The Planar modes and also the Chunky modes.
AMIGA always supported DUAL PLAYFIELD.
Think of the Chunky modes as THIRD PLAYFIELD for AMIGA.
The concept is that you can freely mix both planar and chunky and also display both at the same time.
And also very important - that Copper has full control over the chunky modes.

This means SAGA does the chunky like if it would have been integrated and designed to be part of the original chipset from day one.

Josef Robbins

Posts 13
05 Sep 2016 16:53

That is very interesting and certainly a different approach on dealing with the whole chunky vs planar graphics thing.

I'm not clear on what happens with native 15KHz PAL & NTSC modes going through DIGITAL-VIDEO, though. Will they be scan-doubled? I imagine it must comply with whatever the minimum DIGITAL-VIDEO spec calls for. Regarding the planned A1200 Vampire and AGA Dbl modes, this should not be a problem but how to elegantly handle the 15KHz modes without creating artifacts of some kind has been a challenge. Options that exist today always have some compromise.

Szyk Cech

Posts 191
05 Sep 2016 19:49

2 monitors are required: 1 for DIGITAL-VIDEO and 2 for RGB modes...

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