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Emutos Start Problem

M Piku

Posts 6
27 May 2023 20:09

Hello all, I am trying to start emutos 1.2.1 with Coffin R62 and I am getting the error "Error. Exec.library not found in kick.  Kickstart file integrity check failed.  Exiting".  Of course it's not valid amiga rom ;)  Any way to force it to start using maprom?  Using fire button to start emutos is not working for me with core 2.16.  This is a vampire v2 500.  I did try to start Olivier v4sa and it did start but just gives a blue screen on the amiga video port.

Olivier Landemarre

Posts 147
02 Jun 2023 20:36

Official Emutos can't be flash I don't think it could run at all too.

Emutos for V4, we never try to do running on V2, and I think there is some card test to check if it is V4 card or something else. Perhaps I could check this but you should contact me on discord, I have no V2 for test.


posts 2