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Questions and Answers for using ATARI TOS / FREE MINT

Atari OS Benchmark On Vampire V4 Standalonepage  1 2 

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
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17 Jun 2019 01:22

Olivier Landemarre wrote:

      Don't understand I checked the 2 links and they are ok

  They do now, it might be it was to my side.
  Very interesting, but FreeMINT and Vamp love is somewhere not so far from beginning (fully usable, but not optimized). Surely, there is space to improve bit by bit.
  I liked the conslusion
  New V4 standalone is a full computer with homogeneous results, compare to accelerated card there is no need to access to a slow address bus and slow memory from the host computer.
  Memory access is very fast and globaly very fast on simple test, more complex tests give less advantage but still give good results.
  Thanks to Tuxie and ShK for bench tests
  Olivier Landemarre"

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