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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

I Cannot Create a New Partitionpage  1 2 

Salvatore Abbate

Posts 41
12 Sep 2023 21:52

sorry gunnar maybe this is too complicated for me i used in the past the workbench i would load the filesystem for the created partition and then format after a reboot

Salvatore Abbate

Posts 41
12 Sep 2023 22:05

the max trasfer use default configuration

Sean Sk

Posts 488
13 Sep 2023 06:36

In HDToolBox do the following:

1. Select your partition
2. Tick "Advanced Options"
3. Press "Change" button
4. In "MaxTransfer" box type 0x1FE00. Press Enter after typing it.
5. Press "OK" button.
6. Do the same for all other partitions.
7. Save changes to drive and reboot.

Salvatore Abbate

Posts 41
13 Sep 2023 12:24

thank you but the situation has not changed but there is no problem I use the SD Card as a disk for applications and data thank you again

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6246
15 Sep 2023 06:56

Let me explain again:

1) You run : ApolloOS/Tools/ApolloMAx

2) ApolloOS/Tools/HDToolBox
    select ATA Device
    select Partition Drive
    select the unpartition area, and create there a new partitione.g. 32 GB size.
    set type SFS
    Save and reboot
3) open a CLI and enter
    SFSformat DRIVE "adh2:" NAME "Mystuff"

Put in your matching values for Partition name

Salvatore Abbate

Posts 41
15 Sep 2023 11:36

Ok thanks i used to format no sfsformat but it is possible to enable fast formatting?

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