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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

Aros V4

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
17 Jul 2021 02:52

So I have just got my V4.
It appears to have AROS V7RC6, is there a way to automatically set superscaler to on?
It seems to be off each time I restart. Also the turtle mode enables when you select 0.

(typed on Aweb from my V4 :))

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
17 Jul 2021 03:11

It seems rather unstable at the moment. Have had multiple freezes.
As for the partition sizes, is there the ability to increase/ add new partitions, not had a massive look through everything yet, but rather ask than have to reimage the CF Card.

EDIT: Not able to get much output from VCONTROL either, wont tell me the core version and my serial number is all zeros.
Some options just dont output anything.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6243
17 Jul 2021 15:36

Nice that you like Aweb. I like it too.

Aros has some glitches still... We are working on this
and have a significant number of bug fixes for R7, meanwhile I can recommend you to have a look at Coffin.
Coffin is based on OS 3.9 is very stable.

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
17 Jul 2021 16:47

Thanks, I'll give that a go until AROS R7 is out.

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
18 Jul 2021 04:02

So I have started using Coffin R58 and it does seem much more stable.

Though I am still having issues with Vcontrol.
Typing vcontrol cp will give m cpu info as expected but still when typing several commands I get no text output back.

For example typing vcontrol cr just shows a blank line then the prompt again.

I downloaded the core SA_R6.exe and reflashed, but still no output.
Is this maybe normal for a V4, and there is actually nothing wrong?

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