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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

ApolloOS Sd Card Read Only


Posts 36
25 Apr 2021 19:35

I recently updated ApolloOS r6 and Core r6 but I cannot write to the sd card?

I don't see why it doesn't work, on Coffin no problem.

Bartek Kuchta

Posts 46
25 Apr 2021 20:49

The SD card needs to be properly formatted (FAT32) and the device name needs to be SD0.

For detailed instruction please refer to:


Posts 36
25 Apr 2021 21:54

I followed the procedure for the Sd card on mac, but it doesn't change anything.

I am using a 4 GB Sandisk micro Sd.


Posts 36
26 Apr 2021 19:43


Read-only micro Sd card issue resolved.

I followed the procedure posted on the link above for Mac, I don't have a PC at home.

Finally I have Vmware installed on my Mac with Windows 7, I tried with Rufus and the problem was solved.

So for Mac owners with a Vampire, install Vmware or Parallels Desktop or other, and use Rufus to format your micro Sd cards as described on this link, to be able to use them on your Vampire.


Michael MiB

Posts 54
26 Apr 2021 20:18

The procedure works with Mac, I made a test before release with Willem (same problem, no write,  for one of my old sd card)


Posts 36
26 Apr 2021 20:36

You say you made it with your Mac?

what Mac OS are you using?

I use High Sierra and Big Sur.

Michael MiB

Posts 54
26 Apr 2021 22:45

Don't made, just tested Willem's correction because I had the same issue.

MacOS Big Sur

posts 7