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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

Using the "make" Tool Shuts Down ApolloOS

Carsten Strotmann

Posts 5
16 Dec 2020 20:36


I just started some software development on ApolloOS on a V4SA. I really like the fact that ApolloOS comes with "Batteries included", e.g. that some development tools are pre-packaged and that there is the Development-Shell.

I wanted to start by compiling a console based Unix C-Program that I know should compile on AmigaOS compatible systems.

Now I have a strange effect: whenever I use the "make" tool to start the compilation process, the ApolloOS shuts down (Message that the computer can be turned off).

I've tried different C-Programs and makefiles already, always the same effect.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas how to work around this issue?

Matthias Rustler

Posts 2
17 Dec 2020 00:34

Maybe it helps to raise the stack.

Carsten Strotmann

Posts 5
17 Dec 2020 19:17

Hello Matthias,

thanks for the hint.

I'm a total newbie to AmigaDOS/Apollo OS (coming from BSD/Linux/Unix and Atari ST).

I've raised (doubled) the stack in the ADE start script. That did not change the issue.

I found a work around: I've downloaded a different port of "make" from AmiNet. That one did not have this issue.

Now gcc (2.95.3 as preinstalled) crashes in VFORK() with an stack frame issue. I then "suspend" the task, open a new ADE shell and restart the "make" process. Every time, the process builds further until the whole project is compiled. The resulting binary does work, so that part works.

Michael MiB

Posts 54
20 Dec 2020 07:26

Hi, well, made some tests, I can confirm Carsten post. Even with a simple makefile "hello world", the computer shows : "Please turn off your system using power switch". V4, Core R4 ans ApolloOS 15/12/2020

Michael MiB

Posts 54
20 Dec 2020 08:59

New test, all Vanilla with a new install (R4 and the AOS R4 0711). Same thing, turn off with a simple make

NoXLar - DemoSceneLover

Posts 63
20 Dec 2020 10:48

rename make file to shutdown, everyone's happy lol

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6236
20 Dec 2020 10:56

Thanks for the report.
Will be fixed in the next release.

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