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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

AROS CF Image (suggestion)

P-O Yliniemi

Posts 13
11 Dec 2020 11:58

Since many CF (or MicroSD - with adapter) cards differs in size, the downloadable 16GB image might not fit a 16GB card.

So for the next release, I would like to see a slightly smaller image, about 500MB (or even 1-2GB) less in size (Etcher says my Kingston 16GB is 460MB too small). All filesystem space is not close to used (even if AROS reports about 2GB in use, 2GB free on the Work partition).

Examining the partitions (on the supplied 32GB CF) with the card reader connected to a Linux system, I get:
sfdisk -l /dev/sdq
/dev/sdq1                  1024          205823          204800  6
/dev/sdq2                205824        1026047          820224  c
/dev/sdq3              1028160        31278554        30250395  76

The end position of sdq3 is still too high to make this image fit on "any" 16GB card.
31278554 * 512 = 16 014 619 648 bytes, and the downloadable image is slightly larger at 16 022 200 320 bytes.

Smartroad 78

Posts 116
12 Dec 2020 10:07

I also have problems with the image on the V1200, the computer just doesn't boot after writing the image to a card. Early Startup doesn't even show a drive in the machine.

Running on 2.12 and using the A1200 internal IDE port.

I also had the same problem, took 4 goes to write to a card after finding one that fitted the image.

Tim Noyce

Posts 156
12 Dec 2020 13:30

Unfortunately, I've found that capacities for the CF and MicroSD cards are sometimes computed differently. So, a 16Gb memory card may not actually hold 16Gb. Annoying, but true.

Smartroad 78

Posts 116
12 Dec 2020 16:55

Yeah, I think it is down to the stupid Giga/Gibi difference.

Tim Noyce

Posts 156
12 Dec 2020 17:17

Exactly. Annoying really.

P-O Yliniemi

Posts 13
13 Dec 2020 15:57

It should be pretty easy to shrink the (partitions on the) image enough to fit any 16GB card.

Now I'll just use 32GB cards until the next release (have a bunch of 16GB CF, and no 32, but MicroSD + the adapter), but if that won't fit, I guess the solution is to create another temporary partition on the 32GB card, copy all of Work: over there, rename old Work:, reboot, remove old Work: and create a sligthly smaller one, and copy back, rename, reboot, delete, rename, reboot :)

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