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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

Aros/ ApolloOS C.F. Image

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
17 Aug 2020 05:43

Is there an aros/ApolloOS image I can write to a 32gb c.f. card? I'm having issues getting the hdf onto a c.f. card.
It's for a v1200

Tim Noyce

Posts 156
17 Aug 2020 16:45

The V4's AROS image is about 16Gb, but may not fit on some 16Gb cards. I don't know if the one for the V1200 is the same size.

I wanted to keep a copy of the AROS image on my V4. I tried doing this with the shipped AROS image to a 16Gb microSD. It's just about 16Gb, but wouldn't fit on my microSD. Note that the actual files don't take up 16Gb, but as the distributed image is from a 16Gb partition, it requires 16Gb to restore it in that format.

You could try using an Emulation environment on PC such as WinUAE or AmigaKit as a go-between. Rather than writing the entire HDF in one shot, you could mount the HDF as another hard drive, and copy the files from the HDF you have, to new volumes on the CF.

I took this approach through this past weekend. I wanted to try ApolloOS on my V4 (Ships with AROS). I wanted to keep a copy of my existing AROS image, so I could go back to it more easily if I desired.

I used AmigaKit XE, but you could also use WinUAE if you're more comfortable with that. You will need a configuration that boots from a different HDF or folder, as you don't want to boot from the AROS or ApolloOs HDF image.

You would then need to add the HDF you aren't able to image to CF, as well as the CF itself as additional hard disks to the emulator configuration.

That requires a USB Card reader for the CF. Windows may want to format the CF when you insert it -- do NOT let it do so. Otherwise, you'll have re-create the partition setup prior to copying the files over.

Startup the emulator.

You may wish to create a backup of the CF prior to replacing data on the CF, then potentially reformat the volumes on the CF. Paramount here to be certain you're copying & formatting the correct volumes, as the names may be similar, it is easy to get confused.

I used the command line to copy over the files.

With Workbench/DOpus:
Select Execute Command, type in "Cli" or click the "CLI" button if there is one.

This will open a command window.

The command syntax is:

Copy FromVolume: ToVolume: clone all

The volume names must end with a colon (:).

"FromVolume" is the source volume (copy from)
"ToVolume" is the destination volume (copy to)

This is similar to the Xcopy command in MS-DOS. It copies all files and folders from one volume to another. As long as the volumes are physically large enough to hold the files, they can be smaller than the ones in the HDF you are copying from. You may end up with less free space though.

Otherwise, I see no reason you couldn't use a larger CF and write the HDF to that. Only downside, is that you won't have access to the extra space on the larger CF, so there will be some wasted space with this approach.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
18 Aug 2020 06:00

Hi, thanks for the reply.
  The issue I am having is copying the files via WinUAE to another CF card. I have used disk part, cleaned the disk and WinUAE can see the HDF but not the CF Card. I have tried with both a 32GB and a 4GB one.
  The only thing I havent tried yet is to setup the CF card in my A1200 then try and move the files via WinUAE after that.

EDIT: Should say that WinUAE can see the CF card, but WB cant when it boots.

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
18 Aug 2020 10:44

On checking, it may be because I am not running UAE as Administrator.

Tim Noyce

Posts 156
18 Aug 2020 14:10

That makes sense. WinUAE will definitely have issues accessing the CF unless you explicitly right-click on the WinUAE shortcut and select the option to run as Administrator.

You should then be able to use the CF without any issue in WinUAE. i'm not certain why that's the case. AmigaForever (which uses WinUAE as a plug-in) always prompts for Administrator access when you start a configured system. It's annoying, but at least it gets around the issue of having to explicitly run as administrator.

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