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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

How to Install Aros On CF

Eric Libert

Posts 8
09 Apr 2020 20:52

How to prepare on a PC a new empty CF card, to start Aros on the Vampire V4.
Can you explain the procedure to follow, formatting and installing Aros to have a CF card that can be booted on Vampire V4?

Thanks for your help.

Eric Libert

Posts 8
10 Apr 2020 08:46

Ok, I found, just install the HDF file on the CF card using Win32DiskImager.
Thanks Google.

Maybe it would be interesting to put this info in the wiki. When you have remained without contact with the Amiga for a few years and even less with a vampire card, all help is welcome, it avoids discouragement and bad comments ;-)

Thanks to the Apollo team for reviving the Amiga.

Jürgen Klöpper

Posts 6
09 Jun 2020 05:42

But when I use the WIN32DiskImager the space on the CF-card is reduced to a minimum.
Is it possible to expand the space of the card to the maximum?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
09 Jun 2020 06:39

There's a tool for this
EXTERNAL LINK  It should work on Aros too.
Maybe Aros Caffeine and Aros Vision have this tool already installed and ready to use.

Tim Noyce

Posts 156
18 Aug 2020 14:35

Cotter just added a video which shows how to allow you to use all the space on a 32gb or larger CF.

There are a couple tricks.

You have to run fixhdsize to get the correct geometry values for the cf, so that the system can see all the space, including that which is beyond the 16gb partition that is allocated when you restore the AROS image to the CF. You can then do what you wish with the extra space -- note that you have to use another file system to use larger partitions. This is why the video shows the use of pfs3 to access the additional 16Gb partition.

Hope this helps.

posts 5