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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

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Allonsanfan %

Posts 56
21 Jan 2020 22:02

Worth mentioning that some of the proceeds from each Vampire card also goes to AROS development, at least the standalone?

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 114
21 Jan 2020 22:10

Just donated 50 euro !

Come on people ! We need AROS and Kalamatee

Wawa T

Posts 695
21 Jan 2020 22:30

indeed, kalamatee is contributing a lot of improvements almost single handedly. one needs to consider the dedication and time spent on the task. frequently working nights myself i observe the commits roll and stay amazed, even being awhile with aros i should be accustomed to this. but i also realize, that it is existentially very demanding to sustain and it definitely requires and deserves all support possible.

this, not to diminish achievements of other two aros top developers mschulz and mazze(mattrust) and standing supporters and contributors, such as marlon. i dont want to post the further list here;)

Mr Niding

Posts 448
22 Jan 2020 05:33

Transfered 100 Euros.

Its not much when you have to pay for your day to day expenses, but hopefully more people get on to the givingtrain.

John William

Posts 467
22 Jan 2020 07:02

I hope people don't hate me on this...but AROS is actually way superior over AmigaOS in terms of features in what it offers. Don't let this treasure go away. I will be donating this Friday. Personally, I would like to see four pages of people posting I have donated this much!

Alexander Holz

Posts 1
22 Jan 2020 14:15


Markus B

Posts 196
22 Jan 2020 20:15


This sounds exactly like some time ago.

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 114
22 Jan 2020 20:45

Does that matter ? if one of our main AROS developers is in financial trouble, we help out. If its a problem for you, then keep your opinions to yourself.
Thanks !

Wawa T

Posts 695
22 Jan 2020 21:51

you must consider nick as almost full time aros developer. quite unique in this respect. and therefore this case deserves support.
huite honestly, im sorry i cant take part in this at this point. soon, i hope.

Marlon Beijer

Posts 179
22 Jan 2020 22:09

wawa t wrote:

you must consider nick as almost full time aros developer. quite unique in this respect. and therefore this case deserves support.
  huite honestly, im sorry i cant take part in this at this point. soon, i hope.

Exactly, he only works part time and most of his time awake is spent on improving AROS. Spending some money every once in a while to make sure development keeps going ain't that bad.

Michael AMike

Posts 140
22 Jan 2020 23:09

I've sent a small amount. Perhaps a Patreon Account could Help.

John William

Posts 467
23 Jan 2020 01:19

He need either a gofundme or a kickstarer campaign. There are so many incomplete and broken promised projects in kickstarter campaign that have been donated over 100k, some even half a million. I am not saying we should ask for that amount...I am saying if he can have 60k donated to him which is equivalent to a full year worth of salary working in a company....

this guy does not need to focus on how to feed himself, cloth himself, or transport himself..he can focus 80% of his time on AROS as he is financially set for this one year. If he plays it smart and he invest on this 60k to make it 120k or more...he may devoted 90% of his time on AROS as money will be generated yearly via investment. We need a devoted AROS programmer like Kalamatee...it is time we make AROS shine!

I believe even having like 10 to 15 build in themes in AROS an ability to download more from third party websites will show to the entire Amiga community that AROS is the way go!

Markus B

Posts 196
23 Jan 2020 05:10

@Roger Andre Lassen

If it's a problem for you that other people ask questions, then keep your opinion to yourself.

Nixus Minimax

Posts 416
23 Jan 2020 09:16

Well, some people like to donate code to a greedy rich Belgian lawyer turning that code into money, some people prefer to donate money to somebody who donates code to everyone interested in Amiga...

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1719
23 Jan 2020 14:03

Nixus Minimax wrote:

  Well, some people like to donate code to a greedy rich Belgian lawyer

Used to via os4 hw and sw, no more!

Please no KS other then improved AROS one. Old school bank account data helps too.

Kalamatee support request is put 3 times in FAQ to signify importance of real developer


Philippe Flype
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 295
23 Jan 2020 20:12

Here we can follow the progress.


Mr Niding

Posts 448
24 Jan 2020 07:10

With regards to "paying again", its not really a suprise. The workmarket in Eurozone isnt particularly great, so while Kalamatee got assistance a while ago, that wasnt much on the grand scheme of things.
Since I was a donator and patreon back then too, I started wondering about his financial status when it was announced that hes active as an AROS dev once again.
So Pedro Cotters post pretty much answered my questions regarding the situation he finds himself in.

And this is where the non-coder/non-developer section of the Amiga community can assist in a meaningful way, with our wallets based on our own steady income. I dont have a second to spare freetime for Amiga coding based due to ALOT of work, which is good for me personally and financially. But if it means I can help someone with serious development contributions towards AROS, Apollo and Amiga as a whole, then it gives me an oppurtunity to pat myself on the back a bit; "I did my part" kinda way ;)

Mattie Whittle

Posts 5
25 Jan 2020 23:26

Donated 50 euro.

Looking forward to using AROS on vampire

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 114
26 Jan 2020 09:07

Thanks buddy. We all do :-)

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 652
26 Jan 2020 09:31

donated too

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