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Questions and Answers for AROS AMIGA OS

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Martin White

Posts 85
17 Jan 2020 23:20

I don't think that is true because I just booted using your ROMs and can now get into Aros with a desktop. OK, I have to go back to UAE again because the screen res is so small that I can't fit all of the screenmode prefs on screen at once.

But nearly there...

Amiga User
(Needs Verification)
Posts 104/ 1
17 Jan 2020 23:24

It works for me, on WinUAE I use a 1024x768 resolution in the window mode, because i share folders, files and archives with drag and drop between Workbench and Desktop Windows.


Martin White

Posts 85
17 Jan 2020 23:33

You realise I'm booting this on Vampire V4 Standalone right? Not Win-UAE? That was the point to see how it runs on real hardware.

Does it perhaps need P96 installing? Basically it runs but there are no RTG modes.

Amiga User
(Needs Verification)
Posts 104/ 1
17 Jan 2020 23:42

There are no Picasso 96 Driver, on WinUAE AROS 68k use UaeGfx.card
  You should use Driver SagaGfx.hidd e Monitor SAGA (find this in the new Nightly Build)

Wawa T

Posts 695
17 Jan 2020 23:52

unfortunately i cant tell how to access saga hidd when booting on vampire currently. please ping michal (mschulz) on slack, he has made this driver.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6220
18 Jan 2020 15:46

In my opinion one of the most important key features of AMIGA OS is swiftness. This means overloaded with bloat is the very opposite to how an AMIGA OS should - for me be.
If you not have a real AMIGA but only UAE, then you can still aim for a swift system. Just turns of JIT, or select exact A1200 and review how it runs.
How long does the system need to boot with turned off JIT?
Does the boot takes 5 seconds then all is good.
Does the boot need 1 minute then its totally overloaded with bloat.

Nixus Minimax

Posts 416
20 Jan 2020 08:49

Mr Niding wrote:

  I dont care that you dont care. Tone matters. It seems like too many computer related people are on the spectrum, and have issues with people approaching their hobby from a different angle than them.
  @Amiga User
  Stay. Ignore the negativity. Some people are better at relating to assemblers than to people.


It seems that this time it is you that lacks some manners. While I appreciate his advocation of AROS in general, "Amiga User" has been pestering Vampire-related threads on EAB with his "but WinUAE is so much better and faster" attitude. Now he has come here and does the same.

I think it is rude to go on a forum dedicated to hot-rodding oldtimer cars telling everyone that a new BMW is so much better. The same goes for Vampire-related fora and threads.

I think telling him that I don't care about WinUAE is just a blunt statement. I also explained why I think that putting together a 68k AROS distribution on a JIT-ed UAE raises many questions about whether this software collection can run on real 68k hardware at all. I welcome any work done on AROS68k but running stuff on WinUAE circumvents most of the testing because WinUAE is much more forgiving than real hardware. For the type of work required for making AROS run on real hardware, WinUAE is only useful for checking whether some software _also_ fails to run on WinUAE which usually means that the software is broken. It does not work the other way round: if it works on WinUAE, it will also work on real hardware.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 690
20 Jan 2020 09:39

I am also one of the "bad people" polluting this and other forums with my distribution that is only tested on UAE. I use nightly builds and include a script that makes it work with 3.1 roms (if no aros roms present) but I cannot test it on vampire myself and up to now I found no option or recommendation how I can do something easily installable on vampire. The only difference is I use Magellan as desktop. Other than that you are right... "Amiga User" is a little aggressiv regarding promoting his distribution. That nerved me too (without me saying something)

...if you can give me recommendations in what form I can offer my distribution then I would like to see it tested on vampire. It "should" work... the only question is how responsive it is. It also uses RTG now, at least until recently that did not really work in Aros (too slow) so you had to use PAL Hires

Nixus Minimax

Posts 416
20 Jan 2020 09:49

Olaf, it is not about promoting one's work, it is about dissing hardware in favour of a hardware emulator. Perhaps I just know more about "Amiga User" (who really should choose "WinUAE User" for his nick) than Niding does.

If you are aiming at the Vampire and other fast 68k processors, I would say make sure that it doesn't use fancy decorations like alpha channel, no OpenGL stuff nor anything that does not run fast enough if you disable JIT.

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 690
20 Jan 2020 10:11

OpenGL makes no sense because it needs lots of memory (256 MB) but is too slow
  Warp3D/Stormmesa is the only option that is running on 68k
  And yes I have turned off all stuff like themeing in my distribution

I can mount SD Cards on my notebook so I look if I can do something people can test

Martin White

Posts 85
20 Jan 2020 10:28

In terms of what form. With V4SA there seem to be quite a few novice Amiga users from what I can see, which is not entirely unexpected and may well even be a good thing as it could be an indication of new users to the platform?
Anyway, from my experiments (and they are just that) I would say that an HDF file should be fine because this can be imaged to a CF card or other bootable media. Id probably just rename it to IMG for the benefit of imager tools.
From my testing I would say that you need to ensure that your build includes the SAGA monitor file and device driver and that you create a 1MB extended rom by joining ext and rom files. Then get vcontrol from the saga driver archive, copy that into C and add c/vcontrol mr kick.rom >NIL: to the top of startup. It will just quietly fail on non vampire installs.
I believe there is a section at the top for a different map tool so maybe there is a smarter way to do this? Im no expert.

The other thing is that I think the rom will need to be built from files that match the date of the rest of the distro to work?
Apologies if this wasnt what you were asking or if you already know all of this :)

Amiga User
(Needs Verification)
Posts 104/ 1
20 Jan 2020 21:42

Olaf Schoenweiss wrote:

  "Amiga User" is a little aggressiv regarding promoting his distribution. That nerved me too (without me saying something)
ot really work in Aros (too slow) so you had to use PAL Hires

You don't have to worry about AROS One 68k won't be there anymore, I won't post anything here on the forum.

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