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Apollo Team and Vampire 4

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4896
09 Aug 2017 13:12

Here a quick foto of some of the Apollo-team members.

Added a picture showing one of the PCB's with the standalone case

Back of case: Power, Video, Ethernet, SDCard, 1 USB
Front of case: 1 USB, Joy + Mouse plug

Obetto Sannala

Posts 61
09 Aug 2017 13:13

That's cool! Thanks a lot for sharing.

Saladriel Amrael

Posts 132
09 Aug 2017 14:32

Cheers to our Dream Team!
Thank you SO MUCH, guys! :)

Crow Mohikan

Posts 78
09 Aug 2017 14:56

wonderfull team :)

David Wright

Posts 356
09 Aug 2017 15:22

Hey, how about acknowledging them. Who are they, other than Gunnar.

Mo Retro

Posts 239
09 Aug 2017 19:01

Top guys :)
History in the making :D

Samuel Devulder

Posts 246
09 Aug 2017 19:28

David Wright wrote:

  Who are they, other than Gunnar.

  According to EXTERNAL LINK  we've got from left to right: TuKo, guibrush, BigGun, Sergio, Yuki, Trantor and ceiach

Z Kiss

Posts 6
09 Aug 2017 19:47

It seems Igor is missing. Hope he's doing fine.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
09 Aug 2017 20:27

Z Kiss wrote:

It seems Igor is missing. Hope he's doing fine.

He is in some other photos.

Live long and prosper! (where Trakkies and Rastas agree!)

Mr Niding

Posts 448
10 Aug 2017 14:00

I love the case. Simple and effective ^^

Mo Retro

Posts 239
10 Aug 2017 14:31

I like the case also. Would you please share the information about it?

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