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Any GFX Artist Like to Draw a Vampire Picturepage  1 2 3 4 5 6 

Roy Gillotti

Posts 106
20 Sep 2017 22:31

Kolbjørn Barmen wrote:

Shouldn't Vampire systems boot fast enough to not need any splash?

Still need to dedicate some time to allow people to get into the early boot menu. Plus why not? I think the V2 Gold splash looks pretty good right now.

Mallagan Bellator

Posts 259
21 Sep 2017 18:35

I'd give this a go, once I'm home by my computers, and once I have the time ^^

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
21 Sep 2017 19:33

Are we victim of a Misnomer?


Rod March

Posts 43
03 Oct 2017 13:10

Sorry to spam this old (ish) thread, but I said I'd post the render without scanlines, so here it is (lower resolution but with anti-aliasing):

Eric Gus

Posts 157
04 Oct 2017 04:55

thanks! .. that looks much better.. !

Rod March

Posts 43
26 Oct 2017 01:14

A Vampire wallpaper for y'all (pardon the shameless re-use of old assets):

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 75
26 Oct 2017 03:15

very could i will add it to my workbench :D

Marlon Beijer

Posts 81
26 Oct 2017 11:22

Nice, Rod March!

Rod March

Posts 43
13 Nov 2017 06:59

Some Vampire-rendered character animation:

Just a proof-of-concept, but it's more than could be done on a 14Mhz 020...

Mr Niding

Posts 226
19 Nov 2017 10:31

@Rod March

Very cool AND it looks awesome :)

You got some creative skills for sure.

Rod March

Posts 43
19 Feb 2018 13:46

Another wallpaper.


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