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Tutorial: Mandelbrot 68080 (Parts 1+2)

Red Bug

Posts 22
12 Jun 2023 14:15

Part 2 of the "Mandelbrot Tutorial" is now available on Github:
  If you ever wanted to know how to write a (very!) fast Mandelbrot on the 68080 using C and Assembly, you'll find a step by step guide how to do so. Part 2 also compares different compilers (SAS/C 6.58, GCC 2.95.3, VBCC 0.908, GCC 6.5). All examples can be examined, run and compiled on ApolloOS or Coffin using the corresponding icons and scripts.
  Amiga rulez - have fun! :)
  Direct link to the LHA-file:

Jerome Tredez

Posts 8
14 Jun 2023 08:42

Thank you for this great tutorial.
I love Mandelbrot, in the 80-90s with each new language or compiler, I wrote a Mandelbrot to assess performance.

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