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USB Wheel Mouse Support Now On All V4 Accelerators

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6194
25 May 2023 09:52

We made some great improvements to the USB mouse support.
The V4 accelerators (Icedrake/Firebird/Manticore) now have excellent Mouse Wheel support.
Also support for Wireless mice did improve a lot.

The new cores are currently under testing - for the next official release.
Ping us on Discord if you want to get early access now.

Chris Chris

Posts 25
27 May 2023 07:58

Good morning Apollo-Team,
usb / wheel mouse / wireless - this is my topic, Gunnar ;-) - to give a feedback.
Thanks for working on USB driver within FPGA on hardware side.
Using single wireless usb receiver for Tasta and Mouse together would be great having one usb free for anything else (generic usb-hub)- this would be great.
But this is only a wish from a niche application.
Many thanks to the whole Apollo-Team and all the supporters as well as all Amigian's reaching this unbelivable level of professionalism and the wonderful, nice, new boot and OS - reviving the Amiga.
This from an old, old Amigian Assembler Programmer using MaxonASM.
Greetz Chris

Jari Tuovinen

Posts 24
31 May 2023 11:28

Is there gonna be same support for V4 Standalone also?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6194
31 May 2023 15:37

Jari Tuovinen wrote:

Is there gonna be same support for V4 Standalone also?

Yes of course the Mouse Wheel support is also on the V4 Standalone.

The Mouse-Wheel testing on about 80 Wired Mice and over 10 wireless mice was infact develop and execute on the V4 Standalone.

For example I did test the last week the following wireless mice :

Logitech M171
Logitech M185
Logitech M220
Logitech M235
Logitech M310
Logitech M325
Logitech M510
Logitech M525
Logitech M590
Logitech MX Performance

And the work perfectly including Wheel on the V4 Standalone.

Many users already use this on the Standalone, we will now enable this for the V4 accelerators.

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