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The V4 Expansionboards Are Coming!

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6194
16 Nov 2022 09:21

The V4 Expansion boards are coming!!

Gilles Dridi

Posts 52
16 Nov 2022 14:14

Iím new to expansion board.
What are the specs ?
Is it the same project than miniITX ?


Lao Mu

Posts 22
16 Nov 2022 16:38

btw ....I am interested in that fine looking Mouse..

Christopher Stokes

Posts 36
16 Nov 2022 17:16


Check out this video.



DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 139
17 Nov 2022 00:05

Thanx for posting that awesome news!

Richard Statham

Posts 49
10 Jan 2023 19:30

Would of been so much better if it had an extra ide port.

Darren Eveland

Posts 96
11 Jan 2023 23:17

I watched the video, looks very cool!

posts 7