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New USB Upgrade Kit to Add 3rd USB Port to V4page  1 2 3 

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5934
01 Sep 2021 07:58

Hello Amiga fans,
As you know the V4+ has 3 USB ports, while the V4 only had 2 USB ports.
We want to offer an upgrade kit for this to also add the 3rd port to the normal V4.
This 3rd USB port will allow you to easy attach the USB joypad.
Arne, has already soldered this by hand and did playtest his solution by playing one complete league season in Speed Ball2 with it. ;-)
The Upgrade kit will have a PCB like this.
One soldering on the mainbaord PCB will be required for it, and it will include a changed case metal front shield, with the opening for the 3rd port.

The idea is to offer this both as
1) "do it yourself" Kit
2) rework service, where you send in the V4 and Arne will build the Kit in, do the rework and will test the whole, and will exchange the  case brezel.
Here is a short view of the PCB

If you are are interested in the Upgrade Kit then please post a short notice here. Depending on the number of posts we will order the PCB for it.

Here is Arnes pretest selfmade proof on concept USB port:

For the real production run we will of course use a produced PCB upgrade card.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
01 Sep 2021 08:02

One for me!!

Michele Dipace

Posts 6
01 Sep 2021 08:06

Well done! This is customer care. I'm interested in it. Thanks.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
01 Sep 2021 08:57

DanyPPC told me he's interested too and asked me to post here (he's not signed at the forum).

Thomas Scheller

Posts 11
01 Sep 2021 09:10

I am interested in the DiY kit

Matthias Gull

Posts 14
01 Sep 2021 12:26

Nice work!
Amazing developer team!

I'm interessted, too.

Frank Preazics

Posts 14
01 Sep 2021 12:53

Nice one! *thumbs up*

Steve M

Posts 1
01 Sep 2021 13:33

Nice work!
I'm interested.

Pierre Ranko

Posts 7
01 Sep 2021 13:38

Nice solution!

I`m intrested too.

Bryce Farmilo

Posts 1
02 Sep 2021 10:39

I am also interested.  Hopefully shipping to NZ isn't too bad :-)

Sam Avenger

Posts 12
03 Sep 2021 12:32

Hi, thats a good idea.
I am interested.

Martin Keller

Posts 1
03 Sep 2021 14:19

Hallo  Gunnar,
der Arne soll mich für einen Kit vormerken
Viele Grüße

Olivier Landemarre

Posts 130
03 Sep 2021 20:16


Eric Gus

Posts 471
03 Sep 2021 21:08

Yes I would be interested too .. put me down..

Igor Ianov

Posts 3
05 Sep 2021 00:54

Interested in one too.

Jari Tuovinen

Posts 8
05 Sep 2021 08:45

One for me thanks :)

Bamdad Khan

Posts 6
05 Sep 2021 14:37

definitely one for me please..

EDIT: will this use up the I2S port like on the proof of concept picture? could it be done with leaving the port available?

Adam A

Posts 125
07 Sep 2021 12:30


Great job

Michal Pietal

Posts 235
09 Sep 2021 21:14

Great!! I'll take one for sure!!

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

  1) "do it yourself" Kit

Does this waive the warranty?  I presume so...

Michael Rupp

Posts 5
12 Sep 2021 19:45

Me too, I'm interested. I already wondered how I'm supposed to connect an USB gamepad on my (older) version of the V4.
Btw.: mine has serial no. 1, because I was the very last one to buy one at the Amiga34 :-))

Thanks for doing this!

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