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V4 Mini-ITX Expansion Board - Specs, Registrationpage  1 2 

Kenji Irie

Posts 55
08 Sep 2021 06:50

And a major milestone has been achieved: The PCB and components for the first prototypes have been ordered.

    Progress status (will be updated live as progress is made):
      - Design concept [COMPLETED]                             
      - Testing of serial, midi, and analogue audio [COMPELTED]
      - Product specification (v1) [COMPLETED]                 
      - Schematic design [COMPLETED]                 
      - Mechanical layout and design [COMPLETED]             
      - [UPDATED] Production of first PCB prototypes [UNDER WAY]       
      - Testing and revision of first PCB prototypes [NOT STARTED]
      - Programming of microcontroller [NOT STARTED]           
      - Finalise Product specification (V2)[NOT STARTED]       
      - Final revision and testing [NOT STARTED]               
      - Production of 100x boards, documentation [NOT STARTED] 
      - QA, packaging, shipping [NOT STARTED]   

Adam A

Posts 124
08 Sep 2021 07:55

That's faster than what I expected. Thanks for the update. Cant wait to receive mine

Tim Noyce

Posts 116
08 Sep 2021 11:48


Paolo Palmieri

Posts 6
10 Sep 2021 19:21

Great job :)
  Pls share some more renders without the V4, thanks!

Kenji Irie

Posts 55
11 Sep 2021 19:59

Paolo Palmieri wrote:

Great job :)
  Pls share some more renders without the V4, thanks!

I only this image of the bare PCB at the moment. Most of the connectors don't have 3D models. But here is is :)

Bamdad Khan

Posts 4
12 Sep 2021 17:41

i know this is not planned currently and is only a dream of mine, but do you think going all the way and producing a 10-12" V4SA laptop extension would be possible down the line? i'd be willing to pay up to 5-700$ for it, and would definitely back a kickstarter..

Kenji Irie

Posts 55
13 Sep 2021 02:42

I would never say never. At this stage, it's not planned or on the horizon, for me at least, as producing a new case alone (for example) would take many 10s of thousands of Euro of investment. I would like to try to break even with these expansion boards first ;)

Ben W

Posts 19
14 Sep 2021 11:04

This looks really fantastic Kenji.
All the very best for this project.

Bamdad Khan

Posts 4
14 Sep 2021 14:22

i completely understand where you're coming from. i just had to ask. :) although they're not for me, wishing you loads of success with the expansion boards. people like you are who 'make amiga great again' (sorry for the pun)..

Richard Statham

Posts 20
21 Sep 2021 21:14

Will it have extra ide port for people that cant solder the one they stupid left of the v4 board ?

Chris Holzapfel

Posts 60
22 Sep 2021 09:14

Great news. Thanks.

Kenji Irie

Posts 55
23 Sep 2021 03:53

There is no modification to the V4. The 5V and 12v lines for powering accessories are for your use, so unless you have modified the V4 then it will be for IDE devices shared on the existing IDE bus.

Kenji Irie

Posts 55
23 Sep 2021 03:54

Look what arrived...

Jakub H.

Posts 38
23 Sep 2021 10:27

wow, nice ! keep it up :)

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