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Andrew Miller

Posts 318
01 Aug 2021 12:52

A month till the next one is just so long. I'm sure if someone in chat hadn't mentioned it was coming up for 2.5 hrs it would have lasted days.
Looking forward to opening screens and the chipset registers being explained in detail.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5481
02 Aug 2021 09:21

The next course is scheduled for last Saturday in August.
The topic of the next Episode is the 68K family and the 68080 CPU.
Goal is to teach how program code and data like graphics and audio are stored in memory.
- How the CPU executes its instructions.
- Explain how the CPU can work directly on memory and what for it uses registers.
- Show with examples what instructions the CPU has and explain how the y operate.
- Explain with examples where the 68K is much better than the PowerPC
Goal of the course is give you the "basic" understanding how the CPU works and whats is job is.
You will understand what INSTRUCTIONS are, what REGISTERS are, what EA-MODES are.
We will combine this with explaining a few SAGA registers
and we will together write some nice working programs.

Tim Noyce

Posts 116
04 Aug 2021 01:53

Sounds great.. Looking forward to it..

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5481
13 Aug 2021 15:45

Reminder Tomorrow 20:00  German Course

Erinnerung: Morgen um 20:00 Kurs auf Deutsch

Kamelito Loveless

Posts 206
13 Aug 2021 21:47

I suppose that it is out of question for me to learn German in 24h :)

Andrew Miller

Posts 318
14 Aug 2021 01:56

I'm guessing it'll be covering the same stuff as the first video. However twitch might have closed captions, so I may try and watch anyway XD

Andrew Miller

Posts 318
27 Aug 2021 16:46

Course still on for tomorrow? Looking forward to it.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5481
27 Aug 2021 16:52

Next course: Tomorrow 20:00 PM CET
Duration ~ 2 hours

Topic: "Understand and master the 68K CPU"
Course Language: "English"

Andrew Miller

Posts 318
28 Aug 2021 17:45

Just noticed that the first video in English is no longer on the twitch channel.
Is this on purpose?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 582
28 Aug 2021 18:46

You can watch the fist video here:


Andrew Miller

Posts 318
28 Aug 2021 18:52


Andrew Miller

Posts 318
30 Aug 2021 03:35

Another great stream.
I'm getting the feeling that after next months stream it will all start clicking together and the four weeks wont seem as long between videos.

Int 42

Posts 1
05 Sep 2021 11:04

Thank you for the great Videos. I hope there will be a lot more of these cool tutorials about amiga programing.

Robo Kupka

Posts 27
06 Sep 2021 12:09

Has the second video been posted anywhere like Youtube yet ?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 582
06 Sep 2021 13:17


Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5481
07 Sep 2021 09:59

Next Home Schooling:

Sprache Deutsch
Samstag 11. September  20.00 Uhr
EPISODE 2: Lernen Sie die 68K CPU Architektur zu verstehen

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5481
11 Sep 2021 18:31

Today Episode 2 in German
Starting at 20:00 German time

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