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To Igor Majstorovic

Name ELahrairah

Posts 11
24 Jun 2020 12:33

Hi Igor,

Quick security question: did you contact me and tell me that you would send me other bank details for V1200 payment?

I just want to be 100% sure


Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 338
24 Jun 2020 18:33

Hi yes, I wanted today to put notice on forum about recent events.
As you know Wirecard was the bank I was using for past 5 years or so.
Two days ago when I send request for payment for V1200 one Amiga user asked me do I have another account where he can send payment because there is scandal regarding my bank. I didn't know anything about it so I asked him to explain.
To cut long story short here is article about it:

Apparently billions are missing and few people are arrested. I don't know  how this ends and this account was very important to me for ordering parts. All the people who recently send funds to my Wirecard bank account will get their cards no matter what happens and I will cover any potential loses if bank closes and my account gets blocked. This is the only honest way. Simply, I didn't know what's going on and did send automated mail to the people from our list with request and bank details. As for new bank details please hold on for few days because this was huge hit to my work and I need to try to save what can be saved.   

Herbert Markart

Posts 35
25 Jun 2020 10:13

Hi Igor.

Hope this affects you not too bad.
Just read that moment that they file a insolvency
as it seems they cannot pay anymore and the other bank's can cancel their 2 billion credits as they could not provide a balance for the last year.

Chris Chris

Posts 13
25 Jun 2020 11:52

Dear Igor,
  please be aware that Wirecard activated the "German procedure of insolvent" today. This is a "process" that "freezes all activities" by German law.
  This does finally not mean that Wirecard is bankrupt.
  For more details ask your German team members for support.

Name ELahrairah

Posts 11
25 Jun 2020 18:09

Thanks Igor for the clarification.

Bjoern So1200

Posts 2
26 Jun 2020 20:59

I read, that the insolvence was requested for the mother-company, as there was the scandal. But actually the wirecard BANK should not be affected.

Igor, could you confirm the incoming of my payment? Just to be sure in this weird times.
Cheers, Bjoern S.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 338
26 Jun 2020 21:49

@Bjoern So1200 ye all good, you should get confirmation mail from our server within next few minutes, I m sending your card in the morning.
About other stuff you said, today I wasn't able to even login to my account and all of my CC were blocked. Also all of the "sister" companies connected to the bank were also under some type of suspension from this morning. So yeah, all is gone for now. 

Bjoern So1200

Posts 2
26 Jun 2020 22:34

Year, great! Got the mail. Thanks man.
But this is quiet a mess with that wirecard. Hope, it get solved and you get fast access to your account.

Jesus Vidal Galvan Galva

Posts 2
05 Jul 2020 08:50

Hi Igor
A week ago I made the bank deposit and I sent you the payment receipt for the vampire 1200, I wanted to know if everything is correct, if you have received the emails, because I don't know anything after the payment, thank you very much.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 338
05 Jul 2020 09:45

@Jesus Vidal Galvan Galva Yes, don't worry, I got the payment. I didn't send your card yet, should be soon.

Jesus Vidal Galvan Galva

Posts 2
05 Jul 2020 10:01

Thank you very much, greetings

posts 11