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Amiga Community Award

Pitteloud Stephane
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 51
12 Oct 2019 15:16

Today, the Apollo team earned the Amiga community award at the Amiga 34 ! Thanks to you, the community, it’s so nice to see our work being appreciated! Thanks to the A34 team, and thanks to you, all team members :-) 
[img=“ https://i.imgur.com/30IeAdZ.jpg”]
[img=“ https://i.imgur.com/r4L10ln.jpg”]

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1717
12 Oct 2019 15:30

Congrats! May there be more for v6/ASIC (or similar!)

Pitteloud Stephane
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 51
12 Oct 2019 15:38

don't work well from the mobile phone, here are the pictures :

Geoff Wells

Posts 32
12 Oct 2019 15:59

Congratulations to the whole team!  It is a major achievement that I've had the pleasure to watch unfold for many years.  Too bad we can't all be there to help you celebrate!

posts 4