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Impossible Is Nothing: 1920x1080x32 FullHD On V4

Przemyslaw Tkaczyk

Posts 141
01 Oct 2019 09:26

Finishing Standalone RTG driver:

Another HUGE milestone achieved today, thanks to collective effort of Apollo Team members.

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 227
01 Oct 2019 09:44

HUGE is the right word!!!!

Ruud Hamers

Posts 2
01 Oct 2019 09:59

awesome achievement!

Mike Kopack

Posts 258
01 Oct 2019 10:30


Nixus Minimax

Posts 390
01 Oct 2019 11:09

Wow, that is very cool!

Mike Kopack

Posts 258
01 Oct 2019 12:10

Fingers crossed for Ethernet before release day...

Chris Holzapfel

Posts 48
01 Oct 2019 12:51

Great achievement. Cant wait to test it out and use it for my new amiga project.

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 84
01 Oct 2019 16:08

Sweeeet... love it :-)

Michal Pietal

Posts 89
06 Oct 2019 10:37

Just great!!

posts 9