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Ronnie Beck

Posts 37
25 Sep 2019 05:44

Best news ever!

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 380
25 Sep 2019 06:31

Yes we are working on a way to let users use their preferred kickstart too. We havent detailed that point much yet since there are some options available and need to chose the most suited one. This will be explained in a near future.

Alan Haynes

Posts 140
25 Sep 2019 06:38

Renaud Schweingruber wrote:

  Ladies and gentlemen,
  I'm very proud and honored to have the opportunity to unveil tonight details regarding Vampire V4 Standalone sales.
  As disclosed some weeks ago, first batch will be sold at Amiga34 directly to people attending the event. Next batches will be sold indirectly only by our resellers listed in our WiKi.
  The Vampire V4 Standalone comes in standard with aluminium case, corresponding PSU and shipped with AROS kickstart.
  For A34, a special bundle will be made available with free "give-aways" add-ons like compatible Mouse, compatible Keyboard, CF-Adapter a 32GB CF card and an USB Blaster. Later, resellers will have the opportunity to sell their own bundles.
  Terms & conditions
      * Payment will be accepted in cash or via PayPal.
      * Limitation of one unit per person
      * Offer is available until stock remains, even regarding accessories
      * No support is offered on accessories/give-aways
      * Complete warranty terms are available on our WiKi on EXTERNAL LINK       
  Information regarding current state of the standalone core
      * Ethernet: work is in progress, driver is being written.
      * USB: support for some input devices like USB mice and keyboards. Support
      for more is in progress. Compatibility list available on WiKi ( EXTERNAL LINK )
      * Joystick : Status support of AMIGA Joy (like Competition Pro)
      * OCS/AGA: Many games and demos work perfectly, but not 100%.
      * Boot drives: boot from IDE/CF, microSD card for data exchange. Bootable
      microSD is in roadmap.
  Price of that special A34 bundle is 549
  All details are available here :

Absolutely fantastic Apollo Team.
Great news and especially to see AROS rom.

Steve Jones have you heard this news?
You always said you believed AROS was the future path for the Amiga.
Now it will have a chance to mature and grow.

Congratulations Team Apollo, you rock.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6245
25 Sep 2019 07:31

Mike Kopack wrote:

  I'm assuming the Cloanto guy wanted a small fortune per board for using the old Amiga KS Roms.... grr.

No, money is not the problem.
And we give AROS, all the money we would have spend on licencing the old Kickstart.
We save not a penny here.
The real problem with licensing is, that today there is no legal licensing available.
Both companies sue each other and try to proof at court that the other side and their Kickstart are illegal.
This means today everything is open.
Os 3.1.4 might be declared illegal tomorrow, same might happen to Cloantos Kickstarts.
We do not want to be dragged into this legal battle.
Therefore the only sensible legal options for us today are:
  a) Ship the Vampire with AROS
  b) Ship the Vampire with ATARI EMUTOS
And this is what we are going to do.
We will 100% support both the legal and free AMIGA and ATARI OS systems. 

Michael Borrmann

Posts 140
25 Sep 2019 08:10

I am a huge fan of AROS, and I am happy to see some funding going to it.
Looking forward seeing how useful and compatible AROS68K will be.

Andy Hearn

Posts 374
25 Sep 2019 09:06

Congrats guys, that's a fantastic achievement! really looking forward to the A34 coverage!

and yeah fair point, if it wasn't for AROS then the standalone may never have happened i guess...

Michal Pietal

Posts 236
25 Sep 2019 09:11

Renaud, Gunnar and the Team - You're making the history here!!


Nixus Minimax

Posts 416
25 Sep 2019 09:20

For all I know the V4 has a kickrom selector jumper. One kickrom will come inside the core, the other can be flashed by the user. The selector jumper chooses the ROM to boot.

Nikos Tomatsidis

Posts 66
25 Sep 2019 09:23

Gratz. Looking forward to buy and try the V.4 standalone. Best thing to happen in Amigaworld for some time. Hope it will be a success.

Xan X-vision
(Needs Verification)
Posts 35/ 1
25 Sep 2019 11:23

Michael Borrmann wrote:

  I am a huge fan of AROS, and I am happy to see some funding going to it.
  Looking forward seeing how useful and compatible AROS68K will be.

  All those asking to switch Aros kickstart for old Amiga kickstarts will change their minds once they know the Aros one can be FASTER and supporting a lot of cool features not available in the old ones (like RTG video, audio, network, usb, even 3d acceleration, etc...).
  Meanwhile, there is a thread about the aros kickstart development here:
  And a VERY OLD compatibility list here (which BTW may not be the same for the Vamp V4):

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 690
25 Sep 2019 11:47

I did it but it is very old now and was tested on UAE

David Wright

Posts 373
25 Sep 2019 13:33

What core does it run on?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 518
25 Sep 2019 13:40

David Wright wrote:

What core does it run on?

Likely one that isn't out to the public yet.

Tim D

Posts 84
25 Sep 2019 15:26

Wow, amazing!
  Can you make a reservation to pick one up at Amiga 34? How many will you sell and how quickly do you think you will be out of stock? Should we camp in front of the venue the night before LOL.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6245
25 Sep 2019 16:13

Tim D wrote:

Wow, amazing!
  Can you make a reservation to pick one up at Amiga 34?

Ping me on IRC?

Tim D

Posts 84
25 Sep 2019 18:31

OK, I will, if I even remember how to use IRC hehehe.

CD32 Freak

Posts 25
26 Sep 2019 08:55

Could you post a real picture of the new Vampire V4 Standalone board instead of a drawing? Thanks.

Knight Stone
(Needs Verification)
Posts 136/ 1
26 Sep 2019 20:14

Steve Ferrell wrote:

Mike Kopack wrote:

  If we have (or purchase) a legal Cloanto KS, can we somehow use that in place of the AROS one if we want?

  Are you asking this question from a legal or a technical standpoint?  From a legal standpoint, the Apollo team sells hardware and the end user can load whatever they want.  But selling a standalone Amiga replacement loaded with ROMs whose ownership is in dispute is inviting a law suit, so the safe route is avoid the issue and just load AROS ROMs or leave ROMs out altogether and let the user figure it out.  I realize that some users may not be technically inclined enough to load their own ROMs so pre-loading AROS ROMs is a good move.
  Technically, I don't think AROS 68K is ready for prime time and is missing some functionality so I'll be removing AROS kickstarts and loading 3.1 ROM images instead.
  I think that the Apollo team is launching the V4 SA with AROS ROMs just to avoid being sued by Cloanto and/or Hyperion since the V4 SA is being marketed as a complete, standalone Amiga replacement. The Vampire accelerator cards didn't carry any legal stigmas because they relied on an existing Amiga and those were all sold with a licensed KS and OS.  Hopefully, and with the Apollo team's financial and technical support, AROS will mature to the point where we can leave Cloanto, Hyperion, OS 3.1.x, and all the legal problems behind.

why don't they just sell it without a ROM, and users can buy their own flavour?

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
26 Sep 2019 20:30

Probably because it adds another thing that stops people using it straight away. Also need to buy additional hardware to program the rom  into the V4.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6245
26 Sep 2019 20:43

Mike Kopack wrote:

  If we have (or purchase) a legal Cloanto KS,

Frankly the problem is :
Today there re is no such thing as a legal Cloanto KS.
Neither is there a legal OS 3.1.4

Today both sides fight each other - and its not decided yet which is legal and which will be forbidden and illegal tomorrow.

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