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Apollo Team Activity Report (September 2019)page  1 2 3 

Gilles Dridi

Posts 31
18 Sep 2019 20:53

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

Gilles Dridi wrote:

    Chinese on AOS needs « big » fonts (think that is ok) and UNICODE really.
    I learn Zhuyin not pinyin to do something the right way : native.

  Japanese/Korean etc. support is also needed, but that is for Hype/Cloanto to do.
  Belxjander was only one to try in OS4 camp/AROS, but its not complete to my knowledge.

Thank you Vojin for the link ; in fact I ´m not really aware of the state of UNICODE and UTF-8 in OS4 (I saw in standard AOS, a Thaï key map using UTF-8 encoding so...).

For hacking, there are opportunities for V4SA with Chinese FPGA chips (and sure some changes on the PCB and perhaps the VHDL code indeed) :


Stefano Briccolani

Posts 397
23 Nov 2019 17:37

Last activity report is from september. Can we expect a new update soon?

Dwight Bonney

Posts 10
23 Nov 2019 21:50

Howdy Amigans,

When do you think the next production batch might be running please, and would it cover all pre-orders or a certain number of units only?  I which case, when would the next production batch start?  For example, do you need to wait for 200 or 1,000 pre-orders before you can start another batch?  I have a pre-order on Vesaila, very excited.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 397
04 Feb 2020 07:26

Is it time for an updated activity report?

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