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Is There "Safeboot" On Wampire??

Jonny Pulli

Posts 48
16 Aug 2019 15:32

So i canceled out some lines in "Startup-sequence"
Now i cant boot with the CF card..Grrr

Need som help here, i have the Core 3 alpha..

Allonsanfan %

Posts 56
16 Aug 2019 16:07

You can "Boot with No Startup-Sequence", edit the S-S and reboot.


Jonny Pulli

Posts 48
16 Aug 2019 16:51

Thanks!! Up and running :)

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
16 Aug 2019 19:11

You can edit from there s-s and not comment out something important. You can even echo on, execute s:startup-sequence and find what crushes. Boot with no startup and edit it out

Jonny Pulli

Posts 48
16 Aug 2019 19:22

Ooops i dont know what you mean, noob here.....

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
16 Aug 2019 20:33

Rationale is - dont mess with startup sequence if you dont need it!
If you do, boot with no startup sequence and in any text editor edit the startup sequence so it works. You can test it by setting echo on command in AmigaOS (actualy a environment setting) and then executing the startup sequence.

This is quote from my x1000 manual, but works with OS 3.x too ;)
  2011 x1000 quickstart guide page 12
  1. Problems During AmigaOS Booting - In case the computer repeatedly freezes after the CFE Boot Menu, ×on AmigaOS splash screen, this problem can problem can be diagnosed by adding the following command at the beginning of the “startup-sequence” script in the System:S/ directory:
  set echo on This command will cause each command in the script to be displayed in a console window, allowing you to see the progress and any hold up in the execution of this
  So you boot with no startup sequence, type echo on (enter) execute S:startup sequence and see what happens after each line, seeing exactly what blanks/crashes/prevents AmigaoS from loading.
  Then you can reboot again with no startup-sequence and delete, edit out faulty lines. And voila, you should be able to boot AmigaOS again (with working startup sequence).
  Technical AmigaOS exponation of echo on
  (Side joke note on x1000 quickstart guide)
  and my fav page 5 quote
  "Your “First Contact” AmigaONE X1000 system is supplied with AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 and a license for AmigaOS 4.2 which can be downloaded from the Hyperion Entertainment website when it is released."

Jonny Pulli

Posts 48
16 Aug 2019 20:47

Ok thanks for the info, make some sense. :)

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