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Anti Phake 5 Group

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 641
28 Aug 2018 09:38

I am sure everyone here is aware of new "Phase 5" aka Phake 5.
    This is NOT a flamming place, rather an info that RESISTANCE GROUP EXIST.
    Amiga Crime Scene / Naughty Bastards
    phake 5 No Grounds For Complaint ("new" Phase 5 Tribute) video, spread it
    If some one does not know what Phase 5 WAS and Phake 5 is, here is some info:
    Again, after CUSA, we amigans have a new fake company "Phase 5"
    Real Phase 5 that died back in 90s
    EXTERNAL LINK http://phase5.a1k.org/
    Fake Phake 5
    EXTERNAL LINK http://www.amigacrimescene.com/phase-aka-phake-5/
    At Amiga forums
Expected pricetag, IF Phake 5 does anything, 2017

  Note: This post and video are solely opinions of Vojin Vidanovic, and are NOT in any way affiliated with Apollo team / Vampire

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