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V4 Standalone / 500 Version Preorders?page  1 2 

Renaud Schweingruber

Posts 205
12 Jun 2018 17:44

Mr Niding wrote:

Renaud has made so much money from his karaoke performances, that he can singlehandedly fund the project in advance.

:-) actually I wasn't the only one singing, just the only one put on YT :-P

Alan Anthony

Posts 3
13 Jun 2018 12:11

Stefano Briccolani wrote:

  For the case, why don'tyou go for this?
  Is v4 ready and you can still pledge. 2000 $ more and we have new tank mouse cases too!

    I Have ordered 2 :-) 1 standard and 1 Vampire SE. I don't have a vampire yet, but I'm in the list for the A500 one and will go stand alone too.

Matthew Langtry

Posts 134
15 Jun 2018 16:18

I've also ordered 2 a500 indiegogo cases by a1200.net team. Hopefully one for v4 standalone and other for my MISTer currently trying it in old a500 plus case, awaiting usb hub to power it n use for extra usb ports.

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