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Registrations Will Be Closed At End of Junepage  1 2 

Renaud Schweingruber

Posts 200
09 Jun 2018 10:20

No worry, we will take care of individual cases.

Olaf D

Posts 2
10 Jun 2018 17:47

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

Olaf D wrote:

  I've bought one V600 from Kipper.
  What will happen if I don't registrate until end of june?

  Registration is open since 12 month.
  What core version do you use on the Vamp?

  I've registered both cards today. It was the first time that I have installed the cards. I don't know which core version I have. They are a little bit more than 1 year old.
At least I'm happy that both cards are working for now.



Renaud Schweingruber

Posts 200
13 Jun 2018 20:27

Just updated GOLD2.9 cores with latest whitelist

Adam A

Posts 7
13 Jun 2018 20:55

I received my vampire 500v2 from Majista recently, I tried to register it with the serial number provided by him but I when enter the serial number I receive an error saying that the serial is invalid, is it possible that my card was pre-registered on my email prior to shipping?


Renaud Schweingruber

Posts 200
13 Jun 2018 22:03

Could you provide me your details so I could check ?

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