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  PCMCIA CF Card Not Working With Vampire2Henrique Olifiers31427718 Jul 08:50Enrique Martos
  RED Screen IssuesTim Kovack71558714 Jul 23:00Myzar Alcor
  68080Daniel Sevo162053914 Jul 16:38John Heritage
  Silver7 Core Update With 5 Mips More SpeedGunnar von Boehn131695809 Jul 13:18Ulf Andersson
  Release Date News From Vampire V2 500 ?Thorsten Köster1843009 Jul 01:47John William
  PFSFormat Device Not FoundSteve C51607507 Jul 20:00Simo Koivukoski
  Vampire 500 In A1000Blake Patterson101253106 Jul 21:55Claudio Guglielmotti
  More Graphical Glitches In Vamp 2.Tony Day51889406 Jul 11:25Norbert Kett
  Some WHDload Games On the VampireMichael Nurney21849904 Jul 12:17Michael Nurney
  Microarchitecture DetailsKrystian Baclawski102199604 Jul 05:52Gunnar von Boehn
  3D Bench Mark   (1, 2 )Michael Nurney244648903 Jul 11:42Keith Beard
  The Fastest A600 In the World ThreadBrian Robotham191337402 Jul 03:54Alan Haynes
  SILVER7 RC Benchmark ImprovementsPhilippe Flype51444829 Jun 18:46René W. Olsen
  Some MAME 68K TestsPhilippe Flype52228029 Jun 09:48Richard Gatineau
  Look At This Beta Core In Action!John William71060328 Jun 23:18Grzegorz Wójcik (pisklak
  Update VampireRonck Robert81016128 Jun 21:58Daniel Sevo
  10b.Myzar Alcor61120428 Jun 12:00Myzar Alcor
  To the Team: Could You Make .stl File Available?Henrique Olifiers61146426 Jun 11:29Henrique Olifiers
  V1000 VideoKeith Dumoulin4904026 Jun 10:30Mr-Z EdgeOfPanic
  My Vampire Arrived, But ....Mark Smith1813025 Jun 08:27Mr-Z EdgeOfPanic
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