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Learn how to program

Coding on 68080 CPU and the Super-AGA chipset is fun and very easy.
Learn how to play some music, how to show some pictures, and how to code some cool demo coder effects.

Code Examples Code Snippets 68080 CPU SAGA Chipset Documentation

Example 10: Stars and Space Ship

Example 9: Waving Flag

Example 8: Beautful Math

Example 7: 3D CUBE

Example 6: Lissajous

Example 5: Moving Lines

Example 4: A Fractal

Example 3: How to show a truecolor picture with a few ASM intructions

Example 2: How to show a picture, play some music and, have a sine scroller

And here is the sources code www.apollo-core.com/downloads/ARNEDEMO1.s

Example 1: Play CD quality music with 6 Asm instructions