How to show a picture in 8bit Color on a 320x240 Screen

        move.l  #pic,$DFF1EC         	; Set PictureAddr
        move.w  #$0201,$DFF1F4          ; Set Gfxmode to 320x240 / 8 bit (colortable)

        move.w  #255,D0		; We want to load 256 colors
        lea     color,A0	; the colors are saved in 24bit (3byte)
        clr.l   D1
        move.l  (A0),D2         * RGBx
        lsr.l   #8,D2           * 0RGB
        or.l    D1,D2           * N RGB
        add.l   #$01000000,D1
        addq.l  #3,A0
        move.l  D2,$DFF388
        dbra    D0,loadcolors

        section pic,DATA_F
pic   incbin  ""

        section colors,DATA_F
colors  incbin  "picture.pal"