To play SND-FX using the one-shot mode is very useful.
SAGA Audio mode will stop DMA automatically when the sample is finished
We will use Audio channel 1 in the example.

        move.l  #FX+64,$DFF410		; Set 32bit Ptr (skipp AIFF 64byte header)
        move.l  #(FX_e-FX-64)/2,$DFF414	; Set 32bit Length (length in pairs of sample)
        move.w  #$00FF,$DFF418		; Play sample on right speaker
        move.w  #80,$DFF41C		; Set Samplerate 44khz
        move.w  #01,$DFF41A		; Set 8Bit One-Shot mode
        move.w  #$8202,$DFF096		; Enable DMA

        section musi,DATA_F
FX    incbin  "8bitmonoEXPLOSIONSNDFX.aiff"